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E-Commerce Capable

Give your consumers the great e-commerce experience they expect from your brand!

Aptar offers e-commerce capable dispensing closures, pumps, pouch fitments, pressurized products, and sealing technologies.  These proven solutions were designed to withstand the e-commerce challenging shipping and handling, so you can be confident your products will arrive intact!


Equipped for E-commerce:

  • Technical Expertise: Aptar is an official participant in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS ), developing high performance dispensing systems to pass ISTA-6 requirements while providing a great consumer experience.
  • Industry Knowledge: Established relationships with key e-tailers and shipping companies to ensure each solution meets the needs of the supply chain.
  • Market Expertise: Leverage strong global position to deliver solutions that address customers’ and consumers’ e-commerce needs in each market.


Aptar e-commerce solutions are key to:

  • Ensure product Integrity preventing leaks during transportation
  • Reduce costs by avoiding chargebacks from package malfunction.
  • Increase consumers’ satisfaction delivering a great experience.


When it comes to e-commerce solutions, we are always thinking inside the box!

Contact us to learn more about our E-commerce services, capabilities and solutions!

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