Bonded Aluminum to Plastic

Discover the Bap® experience

BAP® creates exciting opportunities to accentuate your brand, engage consumers with an enjoyable experience and drive repeat purchases.

What is BAP®?

BAP® is an all-in-one foil to closure solution including:

An aluminum foil
with plastic layers
on both sides.

A base with pull ring.

An attached or
detached overcap.

How it works

Features & Benefits

1 - Overcap

Technology versatiliy: Allows for unique innovative designs for maximum shelf impact!

3 - Safe & Fresh Seal

Excellent seal integrity: Guarantees a safe package so consumers will trust your brand.

2 - Pull ring

Easy, intuitive & convenient for all ages: Consumers will be amazed by just how easy it is to open! No frustrating tabs of sharp metal edges. Clean and simple, every time.

4 - Finish

Innovative: Freedom to create unique designs to differentiate your brand and excite your consumers!
Sustainable: Great opportunity to achieve reduction in weight, scrap rates, energy, product disposal and quality claims.

Bap® and E-commerce

Simple and Innovative technology capable of solving a wide range of e-commerce challenges.
Closure and container weight savings may reduce overall package weight.
Tamper Evidence and Counterfeit deterrent assure product safety.
Seal is never broken, preventing product leak/spill.
Improve consumers experience by minimizing tertiary packaging.

BAP® Existent Prototypes

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