Abbott Abbott

First-of-its-kind plastic package was launched in China market in June 2015. One-click latch, scoop holder, elastic sealing ring and aluminum foil ensures freshness and convenience. 

Daisy Daisy

Aptar’s custom delivery system brings ease and functionality to the stand-up pouch market. The combination of a convenient flip lid closure, a controlled dispense from our SimpliSqueeze® valve and safe tamper evident pull ring fitment, creates a one-of-a-kind user experience. This innovative pouch and closure duo means a clean and convenient dispense directly onto your favorite foods, with no utensils, and no mess.

Firmus Firmus

This custom tin-top provides a secure, great seal for simple dispensing. Aptar’s design help to revolutionize customer’s package and provide an attractive shelf appeal.

KraftHeinz KraftHeinz

Custom closure with our SimpliSqueeze® valve for clean, controlled dispense each time.

Perrigo Perrigo

Besides providing an outstanding Safe & Fresh sealing performance, this BAP® solution brings an integrated scoop, scoop holder and a levelling feature for the most accurate dosage.

Unilever Unilever

This flip top, bi-injected closure is a remarkable package not only because of the unique design, but also because of the clean and precise flow control provided by the SimpliSqueeze® valve inside, complementing the differentiated directional spout.

WhiteWave WhiteWave

Custom creamer closure with clean pouring lip to prevent drips which provides convenience and a great dispensing experience for consumers.

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