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Original Family

The Benchmark for Performance and Design

Easy to open, safe, hygienic and SimpliSqueeze® valve capabilities have made the Original Sport Closure Family an industry recognized flip-top sports closure worldwide. 

Contender is our newest extendion in a 38mm neck finish and is intended for the hot fill bottling market. Unlike standard sport closures, Contender does not require a foil liner to be applied during the standard hot fill process and is adaptable to a variety of neck finishes. Contender provides direct product access for active consumers in a market accepted closure design.

  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Neck Finishes: 29/25, 28mm 1810 PCO, 28mm 1881 PCO, 30/25 High, and Contender- 38mm 2 Thread
  • Filling Standard: Cold/ambient, Contender for hot fill
  • Orifice: 7mm or SimpliSqueeze® valve
  • Material: PP body/PE spout

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