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Inside uses the beverage industry’s leading SimpliSqueeze®  silicone valve system to provide a spill proof, fun, and convenient drinking experience. It also has a new and improved visible tamper evidence system which upon first opening does not create any loose pieces. The non-detachable tamper evidence system reduces the amount of waste consumers must dispose of on-the-go.

Ideal for brands targeting active adults or children, the Inside dispensing closure was developed to provide the ultimate spill proof on-the-go drinking experience.

Inside Pictogram

•Swimming SimpliSqueeze  Silicone Valve
•29/25 Pilot Neck Finish
•One-piece PE or Two color Bi-injected PE dispensing closure
•Dual tamper evidences
•Non-detachable lid-body tamper evidences
•Drop band body-bottle tamper evidence
•6 stock colors

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