Product solutions

Dispensing Pouch Spouts

For Pouring or Squeezing

Aptar has developed one-piece dispensing spouts that make it convenient to pour dry foods, or squeeze liquid food. Both pouch fitments bring ease of use and a more controlled dispense to the flexible packaging market.

EZ Pour and Quick Flip are a couple of Aptar's dispensing spouts. These two spouts provide an enhanced user experience in dispensing from a flexible package.

EZ Pour:

  • One handed convenience
  • Convenient flip lid for easy open and close
  • Pouring lip aids in directionality
  • Built in tamper evident pull ring
  • Application Fields: Pet Food, Dry Spices, Seasonings & Decorative, Granular & Powder Additives, Confectionary & Candy, Dry Food

Quick Flip:

  • Convenient flip lid for easy open and close
  • External tamper evident tear band
  • SimpliSqueeze® valve capable
  • Prototype
  • Application Fields: Dairy, Spreads, Jellies, & Honey, Cooking Oils, Butter & Shortening, Salad Dressings

Application fields

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