Adelholzener Active O2 Adelholzener Active O2

Adelholzener Active O2 is a lightly carbonated flavored water positioned for on-the-go consumption and is enriched with natural oxygen. Aptar created a custom sport closure with SimpliSqueeze® valve technology that provides convenient drinking for active consumers and a superior seal for the lightly carbonated water.

Britvic Robinsons Squash'd Britvic Robinsons Squash'd

Beverage enhancers provide consumers with the ability to flavor their beverage their way while on-the-go. Aptar's SimpliSqueeze® valve technology provides Robinsons Squash'd with a clean product dispense and spill-proof package.

Britvic Teisseire Britvic Teisseire

This custom dispensing pump provides a consistent 4ml product dispense, eliminates product dripping and crystallization and provides maximum brand exposure through an actuator with logo insert.

Coca-Cola Smartwater Coca-Cola Smartwater

Aptar's premium flip-top sport closure provides increased consumer convenience and shelf differentiation for consumers looking to hydrate on-the-go.

Eckes Yo Eckes Yo

No more sticky fingers with Yo's custom flip-top closure that provides a no-drip pouring lip for a clean product dispense. The ribbed snap top also has a logo insert to provide maximum branding exposure.

InZone Brands Good2Grow InZone Brands Good2Grow

InZone brands selected to use Aptar's SimpliSqueeze® valve to create a spill-proof and enjoyable juice drink for children

Kofola Jupi Kofola Jupi

Consumers young and old are able to have an enjoyable product dispense with this custom flip-top that provides a no-drip product pour and secure sealing properties.

KraftHeinz KraftHeinz

Aptar's SimpliSqueeze® valve technology and custom flip-top helped to create a package that would allow consumers to personalize their favorite beverage's flavor with each squeeze.  

Pepsi Gatorade Pepsi Gatorade

Custom sport closure which leverages Aptar's liner-less hotfill technology to provide consumers with immediate product access for a convenient drinking experience.

Pepsi Tropicana Pepsi Tropicana

Aptar's BAP® Technology helped provide a convenient and sleek dispensing closure when Tropicana restaged their package. The closure has an easy to open pull-ring, non-drip pouring lip, lock-back hinge and a light weight design.

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