Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs Management

Our priority is the provision of safe dispensing systems  to the food and beverage industry which respect both the environment and human health. This is achieved by using leading-edge technology for sustainable development and taking into account all relevant packaging or material regulations worldwide as well as specific client needs. Aptar Food + Beverage works closely with its supply chain partners to ensure that the same high standards are maintained all along the procurement process.

Main Areas of Focus

The selection of new packaging materials focuses on respecting regulations which include packaging and waste packaging, food contact and Reach. An Aptar network is in place to monitor and analyze new regulations (or modifications to existing ones) in order to constantly review, and if necessary, up-date the Aptar Food + Beverage Regulatory Policies. Also to ensure efficient coordination within the group through Regulatory News bulletins and Book of Guidelines. Many other requirements are also examined with changes to policy implemented where deemed appropriate. Individual customer needs which go beyond existing regulations are considered on a case by case basis.


Communication and answers to customers and suppliers are provided on demand by a dedicated team and are based on regulatory material databases and supplier compliance certificates.  While compatibility studies form part of the validation process of any new material, migration studies remain the responsibility of the client as Aptar F+B has no knowledge of or control over the nature of the contents themselves.