Flip Lid

A Unique Drinking Experience that Makes a Difference in Improving the Environment.

FLIP LID by Aptar is a uniquely simple, consumer friendly dispensing closure designed to contribute to the circular economy: FLIP LID remains united with the bottle through its lifecycle, making the closure more favorable to be collected and then recycled.

FLIP LID is the ideal solution for upcoming regulations (“Single Use Plastic” directive proposal in Europe and AB 319 California in the USA) that will likely require plastic closures to remain attached to containers in order to reduce the number of loose closures in nature, and therefore increase the number of closures being collected and recycled.
In addition to the sustainability benefits, FLIP LID creates a convenient and enjoyable experience to consumers. They no longer need to unscrew the cap, but simply flip it open and drink or pour the product. Consumers will also enjoy the pleasure of drinking with its wide (270 degrees) lockage hinge, in addition to the assurance of resealablity with an audible “click”. 
Sustainable, convenient, simple, and hygienic, FLIP LID is set to become the preference of brands and consumers worldwide. 
FLIP Lid has been developed in partnership with Krones, to guarantee filling line efficiency. Contact us to learn more about FLIP LID.



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